Luke I. Wilson

I started programming as a 12 year old kid, tinkering with Visual Basic. In almost seven years, I have learned a lot about programming and software engineering. I'm not great at all of it, but I hope to be! Andreas Kling and Andrew Kelley are inspirations!

Medium generously pays me about $15/month for the articles I wrote on their site. I don't believe money is approprite for my desire to teach and blog unbiased. This blog is where I will be writing all new content. My old blog at Medium can be found here.

This site uses no tracking, cookies, nor JavaScript. You can see the site code on GitHub.

"One of the least understood pieces of the open source puzzle is how so many good programmers would deign to work for absolutely no money. A word of motivation is in order. In a society where survival is more or less assured, money is not the greatest of motivators. It's been well established that folks do their best work when they are driven by a passion. When they are having fun." — Linus Torvalds (*Just For Fun* pg. 227)

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